Steel distributor

EDI4STEEL is focused on specific requirements of the steel industry. In the Request for Quation (RFQ), the Quotation, Order and Order response messages  you can specify surface treatment such as shot blasting, painting, dimensioning operations such as sawing with or without angles, cutting to length, bending, etc.

Steel distributors who have already EDI communication integrated into their ERP systems have an advantage to apply the EDI4STEEL standard. These are mainly one to one connections based upon EDIFACT standards or are hosted by business integration companies. These are expensive to develop and to maintain.

With the EDI4STEEL open source standard you can share data seamlessly. With only one connection you can communicate your products with all your customers. There is no need to link your article number with the article numbers of each of your customers.

EDI4STEEL will save you lot of implementation and maintenance time.

Applying the EDI4STEEL standard is relatively easy:

  • EDIFACT messages can be converted to the UBL standard, which the EDI4STEEL standard uses. There is a mapping service available
  • EDI4STEEL has multiple tools available to connect your ERP system such as the SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol
  • For companies using SAP ERP systems have developed the EDI4STEEL – SAP IDoc converter

Based upon our experience, steel distributors can save up to 30.000 EUR (1/2 – 3/4 FTE) on a yearly basis by using the EDI4STEEL standard.

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